The Fall Fashion I’m Buying With My $200 Budget

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Hi, I’m Ashley, and I’m the proud CEO of taking everything too far—especially fall fashion.

If I like a TV show (as evidenced by my experience with The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, and Outer Banks), I’ll rewatch episodes and seasons over and over until I know every line and use them effortlessly in everyday conversation. I love pizza rolls so much that my obsession with them has become a bit of a personality trait. In an effort to learn how to budget and invest, I spent $145 on financial self-help books. Note: I have yet to read said books.

Moderation is not my strong suit, so it’s no surprise that I’ve fallen into the trap of overspending on fall fashion year after year. This season, I’m taking a different approach. Instead of haphazardly and sporadically clicking “add to cart” throughout the entire season, I’m allowing myself to purchase everything now (and now only) with the plan to stop swiping my credit card after I hit $200.

After much deliberation, deleting item after item from my list to stay within budget, and searching for my favorite seasonal trends, I’m excited to introduce the fall fashion items I’m adding to my wardrobe for fall 2021:


Oversized Shirt Jacket

I have been obsessing over the oversized shacket trend for so long and am finally pulling the trigger on ordering one for myself this season. I usually wear a small, but this time around, I’m sizing up to a medium for an oversized look that I’ll turn to on days when I want to be both comfortable and cool. As much as I love fall, easing into it takes a lot of careful layering (read: 55 degrees when you leave the house, 75 degrees when you walk home), so this bad boy is sure to come in handy.

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Nasty Gal

Faux Leather Blazer

Last year, one of my friends allowed me the pleasure of borrowing her oversized, faux leather blazer when we decided to take a G.N.O. downtown. Upon wiggling into it, I promptly fell in love, took it home to dry clean it, and stared at it as it hung on my clothing rack for a little longer than I should have. I considered changing my name, moving out of the country, and starting a life on a small farm so that I wouldn’t ever have to give it back, but alas, my guilty conscience prevailed, and I returned it in two business days. This year, I’m buying one of my own so that I can throw it on to elevate any fall fit.

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Lug Sole Boots

While I consider my Dr. Martens to be my #1 fall staple, I have found that they aren’t always as versatile as I’d like them to be, and with some outfits, they can be a bit distracting. My goal for this year was to buy a pair of black boots that were a little bit more understated but still on-trend, so as soon as I saw these super affordable Chelsea boots, I couldn’t help but hit “add to cart.”

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Cable-Knit Sweater Vest

In my opinion, there is no cooler feat than when a person can pull off a fashion-forward sweater vest. Of all of the items that I’ll be picking up this season, this vest is probably the most on-trend and one that I can’t wait to style. Will I look half as cool as the fashion girls that I see sporting them on Pinterest? Most likely not. But will I die trying? Absolutely.

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Collared Jersey Dress

After five months of avoiding pants like the plague, I figured I’d keep the momentum going as long as the Chicago weather will allow. This collared dress is such a great transition piece into the season and one that will pair well with a peacoat, sweater vest, shacket, or cardigan and can be worn with knee-high boots and sneaks alike. I have a strong feeling that I’ll be living in this.

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The Latinx community spans over 20 countries, includes a multitude of languages that isn't limited to just Spanish and English, and has a racial and cultural diversity that isn't often shown in media, so it's a tough job to try to represent all of that. But there are Latinx-owned brands and influencers who are doing that work to help promote a more inclusive image within the beauty industry. For example, in 2014, Carolina Contreras opened up her natural hair salon, Miss Rizos Salon, in the Dominican Republic to push more people to embrace their curls and kinks. On the makeup side is beauty influencer Monica Veloz (also known as @MonicaStyleMuse) who is constantly promoting beauty brands that serve darker skin tones, or what she calls "morenita-friendly." 

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